Riot Reflection: A Year Of Blogging

Riot Reflection: A Year Of Blogging

It’s a bit of a landmark for us today, being our 100th day since we re-launched the blog under it’s current branding. We’ve managed to write over 200 posts in that period, which has been a bit of a struggle at times due to work and education, but we’ve made it! As you may or

December 30, 2010

It’s a bit of a landmark for us today, being our 100th day since we re-launched the blog under it’s current branding. We’ve managed to write over 200 posts in that period, which has been a bit of a struggle at times due to work and education, but we’ve made it!

As you may or may not know, I ran another blog before Control The Riot called Beat The Elite Four which was heavily music focused. However, it became a bit unmanageable to run on my own, and I wanted to expand into more of a general lifestyle focus, so I decided a re-brand was in order.

At this point I brought in Pete and jb and we had some ambitious aims which they’ve played a huge role in working towards. We’ve completely re-designed the branding, made a site from scratch, and maintained it without any outside input or prior knowledge, and managed all of our own promotions and marketing. It’s been a lot of work, but after 100 days of working on it, I can safely say it’s all been worth it.

We’re very proud of the site we have on our hands now, and very ambitious for the upcoming year. Now seems as good a time as ever to look back at some of the most interesting posts from the past year, as voted by the readers in our analytics account!

10. Hoodie Allen Interview

This was one of my personal highlights of the year, interviewing a rapper who I am personally a massive fan of, Hoodie Allen. We got to sit down and sit with Hoodie for an exclusive interview in the aftermath of his latest EP, The Pep Rally. He’s also been included in our Taste Of 2011, and I’m predicting big things for Hoodie in the next year, so watch this space!

9. Addiction #109

Our most popular Addiction pack of the year was the 9th installment, featuring artists like Cut Copy, Bon Iver, Marina & The Diamonds, Mike Posner, Robyn, Sigur Ros and more. It was an incredibly eclectic pack, and one that clearly resonated with the readers. We’ve been taking on all the feedback we’ve had on the track packs and will hopefully improve on them even further in the coming year, so keep the conversation going and let us know what you think.

8. Je T’aime Marina

The first of our two homages to our female inspirations set Marina as the focus. I took a look back at Marina’s career and analysed the reasons I found her particular inspiring, as well as what set her apart from the competition. There’s some great Youtube clips in there of her best work, as well as some photos showcasing her unique fashion sense.

7. Supakitch & Koralie Collaboration

This was one of the few posts that reached the top 10 that wasn’t original content of ours. This post got lots of attention purely by being phenomenally cool, with two street artists recording a video of them creating a live piece of art. The end result is amazing, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

6. Influencers Documentary

This documentary encapsulated everything we aim to achieve at Control The Riot. It took a look at the most influential and innovative personalities the world has produced, and analysed the trends that follow them.

From style, to music, to design, influence can come from anywhere, and this documentary analysed the varying sources that help sculpt the world.

5. Je T’aime Nicki

The second piece in our Je T’aime series was written by jb, where he looked into his personal inspiration, Nicki Minaj. He looked into the past, the present and predicted the future for the up and coming female rapper, as well as highlighted certain videos and photos which represented his muse at her best.

4. Riot Roundtable: Runaway

This was quite an experimental post for us which ended up being successful. When the new Kanye West video came out we all had very strong opinions on it, not all of which were perfectly aligned. We were put in an awkward position, as we all wanted to review it but we didn’t want to put up 4 reviews of the same video.

We came up with the Riot Roundtable, where all of our writers gave a brief synopsis of their opinions of the video, and we took it to the community to input theirs. The post was very popular, and it’s a format we’ll continue to use in the new year.

3. Imagination – Treacle Clothing

As part of an on-going series of jb’s fashion posts, he took to the streets to speak to the man behind upcoming Birmingham fashion label, Treacle Clothing. The interview analysed the brands origins, their unique approach to photo shoots, their eclectic mix of designers, and their fashion inspirations.

2. Taste Of 2011

Our second most popular article of the year goes to one of our most recent publications. Taste Of 2011 looked forward to the coming year and analysed the music industry for our predictions of who to look out for. There’s an incredibly varied mixture of artists, from the smooth acoustics of Ed Sheeran to the experimental dubstep sounds of James Blake. We’re going to follow up with a lot of these artists for interviews in 2011, and we’d love to hear feedback from you on your predictions.

1. Interview With Chiddy Bang

To cap it all off, our most popular post of the year goes to our interview with Xaphoon Jones, otherwise known as the genius produced behind Chiddy Bang. These guys have gone huge in the past year, having received a top 15 charting single, and worked alongside artists like Pharrell, You Me At Six, Gorillaz, Ellie Goulding and more.

We managed to get in there just before the hype explosion, and got a very personal exclusive interview with Xaphoon where we got an insight into what makes the Philadelphia wonder boys tick.

So that’s that! Ten of our most popular posts and 100 days of writing them. What were your favourite posts? Is there anything you’d like to see a lot more of in the coming year, or could you do without certain things? We want to help shape the content to our readers, but to do so we need to hear your feedback, so now’s your chance to get your voice heard! As always, you can get in touch in the comments or on Facebook. We’re also always listening on Twitter, and if you’re a social mediaphobe then you can drop us an email.

On a final note, I’d just like to thank Adam, Lauren, Pete Giblin and everyone else who has contributed to the site over the past few months. It’s been a great year, and I hope you’ll all be back to build on it for 2011!

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